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Hello Tandra!   We spoke on the phone earlier about a possible freelance arrangement.  I really love what I do which is visual effects and motion graphics.  Actually, anything that is creative and engaging.  You had mentioned on the phone that you were wary about bringing on people due to issues of confidentiality.  I totally respect that and can assure you that you need not worry about that with me.  I would rather be an invisible element to your work.  Anyhow, you asked for some examples of my work so here you go.  I made this little video tonight.  It's not perfect but I think it sends the message.  :)


Motion Graphics / Paralax Effects / Commercial
Commercial Spot / Editing / Motion Graphics / Color Grading / Sound Design


Agency Promo / Concept Design /Storyboarding / Filming / Visual Effects and Motion Graphics / Sound Design
Holiday Promo
Music Video / Editing / Visual Effects / Color Grading / Voice Sync
Product Demo (yes this is an actual product)
Book Cover
Editing / Visual Effects / Audio Splicing / Motion Graphics
Explainer Video
Produced / Directed / Film / Edit / Visual Effect and Motion Graphics / etc
Social Media
ugh.jpg.jpg.jpg i'm still not very happy with this.jpg.jpg.jpg but it's what I'm turning i
Concept / Storyboard / Filming / Rotoscoping / Editing / Sound Design / Visual Effects / Motion Graphics

Heading 2

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