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To everyone at Digital Hound!

Thank you for taking time to speak with me today about working with Digital Hound.  Here are some example of previous work I've done.

Please let me know what you think.  I am looking forward to meeting in person and learning more about Digital Hound.  My schedule is pretty wide open right now so just let me know when is a good time to meet up.

Here is a spot I worked on for Hard Rock International.   Obviously this spot was targeted at the Millennial demographic.  Once upper management decided on the music,  it was my job to make the cuts to match.  After the cut was locked down,  I then went on to animate the 2D portions over specific parts to draw attention to the brand.  To give the overall feel a little more punch, I  then added the VCR intro, transitions, and other Visual Effects to go along with the beat.  The video was then finalized with the #ThisisMyStyle to further support the campaign.

Anchor 1

This next project is one that was done internally for Redline Media Group.  There was a competition between agencies where we all got together at the local indoor cart racing.  I played the major role in fleshing out the concept and planning/filming/executing the Visual Effects.  This involved a lot of Rotoscoping and compositing and well as editing and sound design.  This project was a lot of fun as I was able to use many of the Visual Effects skills I was trained in.



Play Video

Here is another skit for the Agency85 "call out" videos.  We posted these on social media as a way of "talkin' smack" to the other agencies.
BTW we won 2 of 3 rounds of racing   :)

Yet another social media campaign at the agency in support of RED NOSE DAY.  That's me the Baldy.  This was filmed on a tripod, otherwise I was in charge of the camera.  I then edited, timed, colored, and added sound and music.  All the Visual Effects were also done by me.  

WARNING!  This one is a bit graphic.  There I am again in a acting role as "Rico Suarez" in the movie "Daykillers (2015)" By Director Scott Naar. Although my character dies in the first few minutes, it did earn me a spot as an actor on IMDB alongside my earlier performance in the short film "Ludo". Why Scott did give me credit for the Visual Effects is typical of most filmmakers. 

GRAPHIC     ==>


This is just a fun little personal project to showcase tracking and compositing skills.  I am much better at it these days but I still laugh at this one.

More silly camera tricks.  I know this is cliché,  but I added it here anyway.  Please don't hate me.

<-- music video: voice dubbing/ edit/color/vfx

More hodgepodge.  I have other videos or some more refined stuff that I am trying to locate.  I have harddrives everywhere as you can probably imagine.

tracking/composite           -->
animation over video

<-- self exmplanitory

Branded Intro       -->

<--  Early Greenscreen work

Turning still into motion  ->

<-- Holiday Promo Animation

Casino Promo Short            ->

Motion Graphics / Typography

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